About Us

About Us

This section of our www.healthieralternatives.com is dedicated to giving you a little bit more information about ourselves and the aims of this website. With that in mind please do read on and also do also feel free to have a good look around this website.

Aim of this Website

This website has been designed to pass on a large and growing range of news stories and information guises and articles related to healthier alternatives, and as such the information supplied is available to everyone with an interest in living and leading a much healthier lifestyle.

Healthier Alternatives

There are of course a large and very varied range of different healthier alternatives that are not just related to drugs and medications and as such we have articles and guides on topics and subjects related to but not limited to exercise and diet and as such we are more than confident that you will find plenty of ways and more importantly practical ways that you will be able to improve your lifestyle in a cost effective way too.

Terms and Privacy Policy

You will find two additional sections of our website that we would like you to familiarize yourself with and they are our terms and conditions and privacy policy pages of our website. Those two pages will enlighten you as to all of the terms and conditions for using our website and also how our privacy policy has been put in place.


We do have a range of third party service providers listed throughout our website, these have been handpicked by us and added to our website as they will be offering a range of goods or services that we feel may be of interest to you.