Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Throughout this Privacy Policy when we refer to terms such as “our”, “we”, “us” and “” we are using those words and terms to refer to this website, that being

Any terminology and words such as “you” “end-user” and “your” are there to refer to you, that being a visitor to this very website. The www.healthieralternatives.comwebsite is owned and operated by ourselves and has been designed as a Health Care and Alternative Medicines website.

The aim of this Privacy Policy is to explain to you however we are going to be collecting and using personal information from you when you visit this website.

You are also going to find within the Privacy Policy details of how we collate something known as you PII which is your personally identifiable information (PII) and how you are allowed to access that information and update it. Also you will find details of any information we may collect from you that is going to be shared with any third party websites and/or third party service providers.

Contact Details

We have a set aside web page on which you will find all of the information you will require should at any time you wish to make contact with us here at the, and as such please follow the links displayed throughout this website to view our contact details if and when you require them.

Personally Identifiable Information

Please be fully aware that when visiting our website we are not going to be able to or will be collecting personally identifiable information from you unless you have chosen to supply us with that information.

There are several different ways that you may be required to supply us with personally identifiable information and those are such as when you complete a registration form on our website or when required to fill in one of our information submission forms.

Log Files

When you do visit our website we may be collating some information in regards to log files which we will store securely. This type of information is never going to be shared with anyone else beyond any one authorised by us to collate and amass out analytical information such as our website support team.

However, if we are required by law such as a court order to reveal this information then that will be the only time we are going to share it with anyone outside our organisation.

The information which is collected this way includes the Internet Protocol (known as the IP) address of the domain or any proxy that has been provided to you by your Internet Service Provider ( known as an ISP) and also the date and the time that your IP has visited this website.

We will also be keeping log files on the number of pages and the actual pages of this website and any associated graphics built into those web pages that you have visited. Our website address and also the types and version of the operating system you used to access our website and the version of the browser you have used.

Please do be aware that we here at the website are the owner and only owner of the information collected from our website. The main aim of us collating such information is to help us improve this website and make it more useful and more informative to our website visitors.

This is done by us analyzing the log files and identifying which pages of the website get the more visits and also in what order our website visitors make their way around the website, and also to help us improve the marketing sections of our website.

Links to Other Websites

You will discover when making your way around our website and visiting any of the pages contained within it we have links to other websites, however please do be aware that those websites are not owned by us.

Therefore we cannot and will not be held responsible for any content found on any third party website we have links to soon our website and we are not responsible for the Privacy Policies found on those third party websites either.

With that in mind if you do visit any of the third party websites we have links to or have mentioned on our website then you should make sure that you familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policies in place on those third party websites.

So to conclude, this Privacy Policy only applies to the information collected by us when you visit our website and not any third party website or websites.

Third Party Service Providers

Please be aware that we may at times employ the services of some third party service providers, and the reason we do so it to provide us and this website with relevant content, which can include search results, analytics and also additional advertising and other essential services.

We may therefore share non-personally identifiable information aggregate information with these third party service suppliers as that allows us to improve our website, its functionality data focussed analytics and to enable us to deliver targeted advertising to our website visitors too.


Throughout this entire website and also our third party service providers use a range of different technologies relating to tracking which can include but may not be limited to scripts, cookies, beacons, tags

The purpose for us and our third party service providers using such tracking technologies is to enable us to analyze trends and to enable s to fully administer this website and to allow us to track any user’s movements around and within our website.

This allows us to gather relevant demographic information by all of our website visitors both collectively and individually. When we use cookies they are there to remember any user’s settings, which may or may not include any language settings and also for authentication purposes too.

Be aware that as a user of this website you are able to control the use of cookies on this website on an individual browser levels. Also we would like to point out that if you reject cookies when using our website then you can of course still peruse the website but some of the features offered on this website may be limited.

You also need to be aware that we use something known as Local Shared Objects which can include Local Storage, which could include HTML5 which allow us to store the content information and preferences of you our website visitor.

Also any third party content supplier we use on this website may also store that information to allow them to display a range of different content upon your chosen web browser which can be done in several different ways which may include through the use of LSOs one of which is HTML 5 or by using Flash that will then collect and store information.

It is worth knowing however those different web browsers could also offer their own unique range of management tools which will allow you at any time to remove HTML5 LSOs.

As mentioned above we do use third party service providers to display a range of different advertisements on our website, and those third parties may use cookies to gather information about you as you are visiting this website.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

There are several different ways that you are going to be able to supply us with Personally Identifiable Information (also known as PII), which can be done by for example you sending us an emails if you have any questions or comments and suggestions, or if you fill out any of the forms display don our website and submit them to use when using our website.

Any information you do supply us with in any of those ways can be used to gather the requested information, or for to respond to your message and also to follow up as appropriate and for us to also conduct statistical research.

Please be aware however that at no time do we creature or assemble any type of individual profiles about you with the information that you have supplied in this what. If you do choose to supply us with any Personally Identifiable Information then it will only be used for the purposes mentioned above or any additional purposes that are clearly stated on the page that information is requested.

Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will, if we deem it necessary, be shared with our selected third parties in the way mentioned above. However, we will only do so if you have agreed to use doing so or when we have be required to do so by law.

Other times we may share your Personally Identifiable Information is when deemed necessary to protect our rights, the safety of you or us and to investigate fraud or if we have been requested to supply that information to any government agency.

We may also share your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) when required to do so for the provision of any products or service that are being offered and supplied on behalf of us and our website.

If at any time in the future we sell our website and/or company or any of our assets we will contact you via emails or will display and our website prominently alerting you of this, and any relevant changes in regards to how your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is to be used.

Please do be aware however that email communications and any online form submission you make are never completely secure against the more determined of interceptions and as such you cannot be guaranteed of complete privacy when using either of those methods of communication.

Registering to Use our Website

There are going to be some sections of our website that are going to require you to complete a registration form to gain access to those areas of the website.

With that in mind when completing those registration forms you may be or will be required to supply us with information that will include your name, your age, your current valid email address, a chosen username and a password and your own preferred subscriptions options.

As such when you supply us with any of that information or any additional information it is going to be used to contact you in regards to enlightening you about our services offers and available on our website that you have shown an interest in and have registered for.

You may also be required to sign up and register to store for example a medication list and if so then you will be required to sign up and register for an account with us. That account is for you only and for no one else to access and use with the exception of our authorized employees or if we have been required by law to supply that information such as via a court order.


You may also be interested in participating in our community on our website and that could be by one of several different ways such as but not limited to using out bulletin board, chat rooms, and forums or by adding comments to any of our reviews, or news stories etc.

By you registering and then taking part in any type of community interaction that you do need to be aware that any personally identifiable information that you have chosen to include in any community interaction  could be collected, read and used by anyone else and it may also appear in search engines too.

Please be fully aware that in those interactions we cannot be held responsible for any personally identifiable information you have chosen to give way when interacting on our community based sections of our website. We can at our sole discretion terminate the account or accounts of any website visitor who utilize any section of our website that is no consistent with our terms of use.

Your Online Profile

If you do decide to sign up and register to use our community based sections of our website that the information supplied on your profile will be accessible to others as indicated at the time of registering, there will however be a range of privacy settings you may wish to make use of.

Social Media

To help make our website as community based and as accessible to as many users as is possible we do use a range of social media features throughout our website. Those features can include but are not limited to things such as a Facebook Like button, Share Buttons and other widgets too.

When you make use of those features then be aware that we may collect your IP Address and may also set a cookie to enable any feature to operate correctly and those features are operated and hosted by third party social media related companies and not necessarily by us.

With that in mind you should therefore read through fully any Privacy Policies displayed on those third party company websites.

Opt Out

You will also need to be aware that if any time you wish to Opt Out of having any of your personally identifiable information being used for any purpose then you are going to be able to do so.

You will have a range of option settings available to you when you sign up for any type of account with us and therefore you should familiarize yourself with those option settings as and when required.

Removal of PII

If you have given away any of your personally identifiable information when using our website and it becomes displayed publically and you wish to have that information removed, then you will need to contact is and let us know the URL of the page it is display don and why you wish to have it removed.

Closing and/or Updating Your Account

You should at all time keep your own personally identifiable information fully up to date and valid, and as such if you chose change your names, address or email address or any other personally identifiable information you have supplied when registering to use our website or when setting up and account with us then you should update that information when it changes.

If the personally identifiable information you have changes, in the future or at any time that you hold an account with us or have set up a user profile then you should take all steps necessary at the time of the change to update your account and profile accordingly. You will be able to do that at any time of the night or day directly from our website.

If you wish to close your account with us at any time then that option will be available in your account options settings. Any personally identifiable information supplied by you to us will be stored securely at all times.


You may be invited to sign up to receive emails from us through a range of services we offer one of which may be an email newsletter. Please be aware that we will be emailing you when you do subside to such a service to enlighten you on any services we are offering on our website that you have expressed an interest in.

When we do email you those emails may contain additional information from any sponsors or marketing opportunities offered by our chosen third party services providers. Each email we send out will have an unsubscribe links clearly indicated and by following those links and following the instructions when you do you can unsubscribe from such emails.

Search Facility

If at any time you choose to make use of the search facility offered on our website then your chosen search phrase will be shared with our third party service providers and providers to provide you with the most relevant results of your search.

List of Medications

If you use any part of our website that allows you to put together a Medication List then we will not be sharing your own personal information with any of our third party service providers unless we wish to collate the information to report statistic for analytical purposes.


Throughout our website we have in play and use the most generally accepted industry standards that enable us at all times to protect your personally identifiable information when you have registered or have submitted that information to us when using our website.

You do however need to be fully aware that there is no 100% guaranteed secure way to transmission over the internet and no way of storing that information can be deemed to be fully secure.

We do however try to ensure all information provided to use is secure securely and safely at all times using the best techniques available which may include SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Data Retention

In regards to the length of time that we will retain and store your personal information, that will be for as long as you have an account with us. As mentioned we will only ever be sharing any personal information you supply us with when we have your approval to do so or have been required by law to share it with another party.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time as we deem fit, however when we have made any changes to our Privacy Policy we will inform you of such changes by a message displayed on our website.

We will also time stamp any changed to our Privacy Policy and as such at all times you will be able to know when that policy was last changes or amended.

If you have any questions regarding anything about our Privacy Policy or using our website in general then you are invited to make contact with us, and you will find all of our contact details are displayed on eh Contact Us section of this website of which there are links to that webpage throughout our website

Updated: May 2nd 2016