Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By visiting the www.healthieralternatives.com website you agree to be bound by and that you will comply with all of the following terms and conditions. Please be also aware we operate our own unique Privacy Policy and you can view that Privacy Policy by following the respective links.

Acceptance of Agreement

We will be using terms and phrases throughout this terms and conditions section of our website which refer to we, us, our and also website and healthieralternatives.com which refer to ourselves the owners and operator of this website.

All terms that we use that refer to you, user or end user are referring to you the website visitor. You will also find mentioned below terms and phrases that refer to any company, organization, corporation, association, individual, partnership or limited liability company that provide us with content or that we have chosen to mention or have linked into our website.

By using our website now or in the future you agree to all of the terms and conditions mentioned on this page of our website, this is an agreement that constitutes the only agreement in place between us and you and it is going to supersede and agreements.

We reserve the right to amend or change any part of our terms and conditions at any time without any notice given to you, the current set of terms and conditions for using this website will however at all times be displayed on this website and you agree to the latest set of terms and conditions.

Copyright and Trademarks

Everything that you will find displayed on this website whether that be images, written content or anything else is fully protected by copyright and that copyright is owned by us.

Any content that is fed into this website form any third party has its own copyright and the owner of that copyright will be the company, organisation, individual or website that is feeding that content into our website by any one of several different methods.

You are therefore advised that at no time are you permitted to copy anything found on this website including written content, images or the layout of the website without first getting the approval of the copyright owner.

Limited Right to Use


All of the content on the www.healthieralternatives.com can be accessed by you at any time it is available as per our terms and conditions of use.

Personal Use

By using our website we grant to you a limited time and non exclusive license to view the content, and use any content or images for your own personal use. Those images and content cannot be used in any other way and cannot be used for any type of commercial activity by you.


Editing, Deleting and Modification

At any time now or in the future we receive the right to edit, delete or amend or modify any of the content or images found and displayed on this website without any notice given by us to you.


If at any time you choose to add a submission to our website by any of the means available then we are not liable for the disclosure of any submissions.

By doing so you agree that all of the submissions are from yourself and have not been copied from any third party in any way, shape or form, and you give us your express permission to use those submission on our website free from any fees, charges, financial remuneration or payments of any types for as long as we like.

As we do not have any control over user submission then at no time can we be held responsible in any way for any user submissions found on our website. We reserve the right to remove any user submission at any time with no reasons given at our own discretion.


You also agree that it is not our responsibility but yours to pay for any claims, actions or law suits that may arise from you using anyone else’s content, images, copyrighted or trademarked material if you use them on any submissions.

Plus any additional costs involved by any legal or civil action taken in regards to any submission you make on our website.


Please also be aware that your right to use our website and any user names or passwords are not transferable.


If at any time you have given a child or anyone deemed to be a minor access to this website then you as their parent or legal guardian shall be held completely responsible for their conduct on this website and will be held responsible for any consequences of letting them use this website too.

Third Party Services

Please be aware that there are third party companies and organisations that we give permission to advertise their services or goods on this website.

Those third party companies and business and websites are not owned or operated by us and as such you cannot and will not hold us responsible for anything to do with those third parties. That includes any payments for goods or services that you may have paid to them.

Disclaimer and Limits

This website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. We cannot be held responsible for any such errors or inaccuracies.


Medical Disclaimers

All medical advice given or found on this website is for information purposes only and may not be factual and as such we cannot be held responsible for any medical advice you may find displayed on this website. You should consult a Doctor or medical professional if you are worried about your health in any way, shape or form.